Non-Custodial Investment Protocol



What is Ofin?

Ofin is non-custodial investment protocol that enables novices to invest directly into the funds managed by seasoned crypto traders.

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Non-Custodial Pools

Ofin investment pools are non-custodial and our smart order routers only permit traders to swap the assets between pre-whitelisted liquidity pools. By locking from and to swap addresses it eliminates the possibility of rerouting.


Multi-Blockchain Support

We strongly believe Decentralized finance (DeFi) is the future of portfolio management therefore we aim to support assets built on different blockchains. Initially our focus would be to support assets built on Ethereum (ERC20) but as we grow we would also adopt assets built on EOS, Waves, Tron, Cosmos and Binance Smart Chain.


Multi Pool Liquidity

Our smart order router V1 is built on top of (0x API) which easily allow us to aggregate liquidity from 0x Mesh, Kyber, Uniswap, Oasis, and more. It enables us to swap tokens at the best price with the lowest slippage possible.

How does Ofin work?

Inspired from the Smart Token Fund (STF) of Wazirx we are building a non-custodial protocol to eliminate the trust and middleman front the process. Here is how it works.

Select Investment Pool

Analyse and choose an investment pool which suits your budget and potential risk exposure.

Deposit Initial Capital

Deposit accepted cryptocurrency and receive investment pool tokens as proof of your deposit.

Withdraw Your Capital

Let the trader grow your assets and withdraw your assets and any profit when you wish to exit the pool.

We're giving early access to selective traders.

If you are interested to participate in our incentivized beta testing please fill the form. If selected you could win upto $1,000 worth of $ON tokens.

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Ofin Token (ON)

Ofin Token (ON) is the native asset of Ofin Protocol. ON is a utility token which plays a vital role in the governance of Ofin protocol. 80% of the platform fees collected from the investment pools will be distributed amongst the token holders.


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